Facebook IQ: Shifts for 2020

2020 is fast approaching and with it will come shifts in social, economic and technology trends. For marketers, tracking these changes in consumer behavior are the key to building more effective campaigns. Anticipating and adapting to the evolving consumer landscape is critical to enable marketers to help prepare brands for growth today and relevance tomorrow.

Facebook IQ: Shifts for 2020 cover design

Facebook IQ is uniquely positioned to identify and inform how and where these changes are taking place. They’ve seen the global intersection of over 2B users and 6M advertisers and the shifts driving consumer behavior. They see a future that’s full of opportunities and growth and have captured these findings in their global campaign: Shifts for 2020. Traina was engaged to craft a visual system for the campaign that was both accessible and optimistic. The campaign was expressed in the form of a teaser video and followed up with a printed piece detailing all 20 shifts. Check out our work below:

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